Melissa from Melissa vs Fibromyalgia

Hi, I’m Melissa!

Melissa Reynolds is a Fibromyalgia, Meditation and Yoga Coach, mama, author, business owner and fibro fighter. It is her mission to help you thrive with chronic pain and fatigue, that you receive the tools, encouragement and hope you need in your journey.

I have been sharing my journey as a chronic challenge fighter, mama and busy woman for several years.

I lost so much of my life waiting for a diagnosis, waiting for a doctor to help, waiting for research to show me what to do and then trying all the things. I had to become an expert in my condition. Thousands of hours of research and personal trial and error later...

Now I:

  • Have reduced my pain levels by half
  • Dramatically reduced my fatigue levels
  • Sleep loads better
  • Have four healthy children (
  • Experience less brain fog, less anxiety, less digestive symptoms
  • Have a small business
  • Am thankful every single day

I did it the hard way. Now you can do it the easier way. There are no magic buttons, no cures and no easy fixes. But there is the research and learning of those who have gone before. Yoga and meditation are two prominent parts of my whole of life wellness plan. I have been practicing and reaping the benefits of yoga and meditation for years. It is a dream to share this with you.

Before your session...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for people who want help in their journey. Some private yoga sessions to help start, adapt and maintain a practice. Or help with creating a pain management plan or pacing plan. These sessions are your container - you choose what you need. Maybe it's the accountability of showing up and practicing, maybe it's some dedicated rest (we can do restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra). Maybe you have been waiting to "pick my brain" about something.

You do need to be willing to do the work - I often assign homework!

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing your session, you will receive a link to my calendar to book your session.

Can I purchase more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of more sessions, simply purchase the coaching again. We can discuss ongoing packages if you would like in our session.

How do these sessions work?

These are virtual, live sessions to be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. They are 45 minutes long. If you must reschedule an appointment then please give as much notice as possible - no shows with no contact will not be eligible for refund.

Do you accept all requests for coaching?

As a busy mama, I am very careful with my time. I only offer coaching to current members of our team. Ongoing packages are only offered after a first session.