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Your guided journey to using accessible yoga for the side benefits

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I heard that yoga could be helpful for me

But every time I try a class, I end up frustrated because I can’t do it or in pain for loads of days after

And if I see another class called “lazy” or “beginner” or “easy” that I can’t even do on a good day, I will throw it all in...

This is not that!

If you need accessible yoga

  • Well explained
  • Slow and clear
  • A variety of options according to mobility level (and preference)
  • A basic framework of breath, stretch, rest (I believe the rest portion is the most valuable
  • Classes of varying lengths from 5 – 40 minutes
  • Options provided for poses
  • Offered in a clear and easily accessible manner (on your own time, able to slow the classes down even further, able to pause and play as needed, and able to practice as and when you need)
  • Alongside a supportive community and teacher
  • So you can get the side benefits that the right kind of yoga for our bodies gives

Then you are in the right place my friend

I trained to become a yoga teacher to create truly accessible yoga tools

Hi, I’m Melissa!

I make adaptable, accessible yoga.

At the beginning of my journey, I had a private yoga teacher help me create a yoga sequence that suited my body. I never rocked up to studios for a 60- or 90-minute classes and had to just child’s pose my way through it (but loads of you have told me it's happened to you).

But after years of practice, I started to want more, but every time I found a class that was “for beginners” or “for when you’re in pain” – they were not appropriate for me. I was also recommending readers of my blog try yoga because of how much it helped me. But I had nothing suitable to recommend for them.

So, I trained to become a yoga teacher so I could create adaptable, accessible yoga specifically for us.

We need different options (bed, chair, floor), varying class lengths, sometimes we just need an efficient nap (Yoga Nidra).

I have you covered.

The side benefits of the right yoga for us is nothing to turn our noses up at either. Good yoga can help:

• calm the autonomic nervous system
• improve sleep
• reduce fatigue
• reduce pain
• increase physical capacity
• decrease myofascial pain
• lessen anxiety
• reduce depression
• induce relaxation
• bring a mindfulness of movement
• help with awareness of proper alignment

And more

I LOVE knowing that I can induce deep rest, alleviate muscle tension, gently release my neck (a 24/7 issue to manage) MYSELF. It is profoundly satisfying to have tools, know when I need them and be free to use them almost anytime, anywhere.

Movement without the flare

Tools to support pain and fatigue relief

Get back in touch with your body


Absolutely no risk and no long-term commitment. Cancel at anytime.

In a nutshell

The online studio designed for you:

  • Accessible, mindful movement (yoga)
  • Rest and relaxation
  • When and where you need
  • Support in your journey
  • With education about pain and fatigue management incorporated to help you maximise the side benefits yoga offers

In addition to the yoga, you will start tracking your symptoms, create a symptom management plan, flare plans, learn about pacing and more. These are in easy to understand booklets with worksheets and templates to guide you.

Combine all of this with the exclusive members' group and you have a very special program for less than the cost of two cups of coffee a week.

So that you can:

  • Reduce pain and fatigue
  • Sleep better
  • Gently exercise
  • Relax
  • Feel supported
  • Spend a little time looking after yourself for once
  • IN AN EASILY ACCESSIBLE MANNER - to your energy and time needs

Well explained. No tricky poses, no long classes, the ability to slow the class pace down and watch them over and over. It really is made for us!

“I think it was exceptional. I am dealing with the idea that this will never go away. I think that is my biggest struggle. Other ailments or conditions I have had in the past there has been an operation or cure. It's a bit overwhelming on my flare days.” - Fibro Fighter

“I like being able to go at my own pace. Each video is very well explained so I am able to follow easily. I especially like that you included bedtime yoga.” – Shelly

"I love yoga with Melissa Reynolds it has helped me feel more relaxed, less cramping, less pain." - Danny from

I used the chair yoga on a day where my pain was extremely high. I had already decided that my day was canceled. Going out was not gonna be possible but i did the series and about 10 mins after i noticed i felt more alert and less pain . Before i knew it i was dressed in the car and driving to my sister’s house. I ended up spending the evening there and then going to the grocery store after that. I would have never imagined being able to do a program and have such immediate results.” #fibroflash @fibroflash

"For the first time I'm in a yoga class that I feel like I'm actually going to get it...I really can do this and I love how it feels." -Meshea from

"You have made it possible for people with multiple issues to be able to get benefits of yoga without the stress and pain." - Mimi Diz

The only thing I ask you to do is to commit to practicing. Even for just 10 minutes a day.

I have designed this to be as easy as possible for you to navigate. Each month you will receive access to a new module with a gentle movement class, restorative (restful) class, meditation and a breathing and/or self-care printable/practice. On your first scheduled practice day (that you have committed to) choose one of the new practices to try. It's nice to get through all of the new practices over the month so that you can see what suits your body and what your favourites are. This way you will know what to come back to.

In my opinion, the most important practices are the Yoga Nidra guided meditations. If you do nothing else for the next 3,6 or 12 months, let it be a consistent Yoga Nidra practice. It will help you gain profound rest in the moment and help to balance your central nervous system. Something that is good for everyone living in this hectic world. But especially for people with chronic pain and fatigue.

In addition to the yoga, you will start tracking your symptoms, create a symptom management plan, flare plans, learn about pacing and more.

What would you pay to improve your sleep, even a little? To experience true relaxation, for even a moment? To create a toolkit of things you can do for yourself whenever you need?

To be able to enjoy movement again and avoid flares when doing it?

Priceless? Me too! So take advantage and join us now!

Get started now!

Course Curriculum

  Yoga for the Chronic Life 11
Available in days
days after you enroll

How does this program work?

Each month you will be on a guided journey. You will receive a container with four classes:

  • Gentle movement
  • Restorative class
  • Meditation
  • Breathing or other self-care practice

All designed to help you breathe, stretch and rest well.

Each month you retain access to the previous containers, building a library of options.

In addition to this, you will start tracking your symptoms, create a symptom management plan, flare plans, learn about pacing and more. These are in easy to understand booklets with worksheets and templates to guide you.

You will also receive access to our exclusive members’ group. At the beginning of each month we practice together. You can ask me questions and I respond either by comment or video (depending on what is needed). And I share extra information and resources. You also get a front row look at every single resource I create.

PLUS you get bonus access to:

The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue course

The Working with Chronic Pain and Fatigue Series

The Pelvis and Pregnancy Friendly Series

The Bed Yoga Toolkit

The Seated Yoga Series

The Self-Care Challenge

Valued at over $257

You can dig into these at any time in your term as a member.

This is a hybridized program designed to meet you where you are.

Just want the yoga? No problem.

Want extra support in the group? Join in.

Need the workbooklets to create your symptom management plans? You can access it anytime from month two.

Level up or down as you like each month.

What if I want more personalized support?

Members may purchase additional one-off sessions or packages of private yoga. This can be helpful to get your habit sorted, create personalized classes or keep the accountability of appointments for your yoga.

Courses Included with Purchase

The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue
Your Complete Beginner's Guide to Starting Your Yoga Practice
Melissa Reynolds
Working with chronic pain & fatigue
Your guide to managing chronic symptoms at work
Melissa Reynolds
Mindfulness for the Daily Life Challenge
Melissa Reynolds
The Pelvis & Pregnancy Friendly Series
My yoga routines for when I was pregnant with pelvis instability
Melissa Reynolds
The Restful Bed Yoga Toolkit
Restful bed yoga for the chronic life
Melissa Reynolds
The Seated Yoga Series
Chair yoga for the chronic life
Melissa Reynolds
The Self-Care Challenge
Challenge yourself to some profound self-care and rest
Melissa Reynolds

Original Price: $286.97

“I’m enjoying the idea that I can learn how to adapt yoga to fit in with my life of pain and fatigue. This is definitely gonna be a permanent part of my tool kit.” - Toya

A little bit about Melissa

I have been sharing my journey as a chronic challenge fighter, mama and busy woman for several years on the blog Melissa vs Fibromyalgia.

Now I:

  • Have reduced my pain levels by half
  • Dramatically reduced my fatigue levels
  • Sleep a lot better
  • Have four healthy children (all under eight years old
  • Experience less brain fog, less anxiety, less digestive symptoms
  • Have a small business
  • Am thankful every single day

I did it the hard way. Now you can do it the easier way. There are no magic buttons, no cures and no easy fixes. But there is the research and learning of those who have gone before. Yoga and meditation are two prominent parts of my whole of life wellness plan. I have been practicing and reaping the benefits of yoga and meditation for years. It is a dream to share this with you.

My blog, Melissa vs Fibromyalgia is featured as one of Healthline’s Top 19 Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2019. My YouTube channel was also included in Feedspot’s Top 15 Fibromyalgia YouTube Channels list. I have written two books: Melissa vs Fibromyalgia: My Journey Fighting Chronic Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia and Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia. I facilitate two Facebook groups: Yoga for Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy and Parenting with Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia. In addition I have created a free micro course and the Fibromyalgia Framework Workbook.

This is my dream - sharing yoga with you - is a dream come true!

What people say about Melissa's work

I think it was exceptional. I am dealing with the idea that this will never go away. I think that is my biggest struggle. Other ailments or conditions I have had in the past there has been an operation or cure. It's a bit overwhelming on my flare days.” - A fibro fighter

Thanks for your generosity in sharing all this info which can’t be found anywhere else.” - A fibro fighter

I really love everything that you have for all of us suffering from this painful life we live.” - A fibro fighter

“Love how practical these tips are and how they take into account how "life" comes into play with pacing.” Lisa

I really loved this. It is really well researched and honest. You also have a lovely calming voice.” Amanda
"It was like a reset point where Melissa helped me to focus on the goals I have by breaking it down into smaller goals." - A fibro fighter

"I am deeply thankful for all of your information and resources...I also appreciate your focus on being holistic and trying to treat the underlying cause of the condition, rather than solely the symptoms. You are an inspiration and I am so thankful to have found all of your resources." Maya

"I had a great yoga session with Melissa recently. She kindly commented on my technique and was very encouraging. I learnt a lot and had fun doing it. She's a fantastic coach and I definitely recommend her. The one on one sessions are totally worth it!" Jessie

note - this program is not meant to diagnose or treat you. That is between you and your medical team. My work is meant to equip you to take control of your journey so that you reach your definition of thriving as fast as possible.

Let's be clear here

I don't offer magical fixes. You have to commit to a continual practice, the benefits yoga has to offer are fantastic (and research-backed and experienced by me and many others) and you can feel great after class and experience some immediate benefits -but my biggest benefits came after several years of continual practice. And I do a lot of whole of life things to be as well as possible. You will read all about that on my blog, in my Facebook groups and on my YouTube videos. I am an open book here. Improving your symptoms takes time, effort, lots of different things and support.

Your Instructor

Melissa Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds

Melissa Reynolds is a mama of four beautiful boys. She is also a blogging, YouTubing, accessible yoga creating, chronic illness thriver.

For nearly a decade she has shared her journey to better wellness despite chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia on the blog In addition to over 300 blog posts and 200 YouTube videos, she has written two books, a workbook and several courses.

It is her mission to share yoga, pain and fatigue management tools with those who need it, so they don't have to spend as long as she did alone with no help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the programme?
This is a membership - you will have access as soon as you enroll and for as long as you are a member. There are no contracts. You may cancel at any time.
What if I am unhappy with the programme?
This is designed with you in mind, if you genuinely give it a go, I believe you will see benefit. If you feel that it is not for you within the first 30 days you can request a refund. No harm, no foul. But I do implore you to really give it a go - I really believe you will see benefit if you give it a real go.
Disclaimer, who's in charge?
You are! You are always in charge of your body. Please check in with your medical team. Continually check in with yourself. And ask questions. This is a course not a live class, and as such I cannot see you, except for what you share. Plus, even in a class the teacher doesn't know what you are experiencing so you are always in charge.
Do I need to check with my physical therapist/doctor?
Yes please, you do need to be cleared to exercise. It is a good idea to run the idea of doing yoga by your medical professional. You are always expected to research (including checking in with your medical team) and carefully consider anything you would like to try.
What is mindful movement?
It means continually checking in with yourself and being aware of how you are moving and how it is impacting you. You are in charge of your body. Does something feel too strong? Pull it back. Does something feel great? Feel free to hold it a little longer. Cultivating awareness of movement is really beneficial for us.
So what do I get?
Yoga, meditation and support specifically for you, designed by a chronic pain and fatigue fighter. The tools and support to build your own toolkit so that you can be as well as possible with chronic pain and fatigue.
Do I need any special props or tools?
You will benefit from having a yoga mat (no need to be fancy here). You may also like to purchase inexpensive items such as a yoga block and strap (available from many department stores/sports stores). But I make use of things around the home like cushions/bolsters/pillows. You may also end up with ideas to consider from Melissa or other students and that is totally at your discretion.
Will yoga cure me?
Nope. There is no cure yet. But yoga will help you create a toolkit of things you can do for yourself anytime, anywhere. Self-efficacy is actually research proven to improve our outcomes!
How does this work?
I'd recommend beginning with Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue (included course) if you are brand new or need a reminder. Each month you will receive access to a new module with a restorative class, gentle movement, meditation, breathing and/or other self-care practice. It is designed to be accessible and easy for you. You just commit to when you will practice and DO it.
I don't have a diagnosis, can I join?
This is a place where you will find pain-, fatigue- and brain- fog friendly classes. You are welcome here - this isn't the place for diagnosis or treatment - this is a place for mindful, restful movement. If this resonates with you and you are cleared to do yoga, you are welcome.
What currency is this in?
The studio is charged in US dollars, please keep this in mind if you use other currencies.

If you've been waiting for yoga that you CAN do, join us now!

Get started now!